Join our $5 Friday! Help fight famine in Kenya.

Right now, more people are dying of hunger than COVID.

Each Friday until Labor Day, our community is coming together to feed people in Kenya!

Join us by contributing $5. The first 100 people to give $5 will have your giving matched to $10 - enough to feed one person!

After 18 months of suffering through the pandemic, more people are now dying from hunger, than from COVID. Kenya has seen a 96% increase in people living in famine-like conditions. Women and children are the most at risk of dying.

We can do a lot by ourselves, but together we can do so much more. Join hundreds of others in helping end extreme poverty and hunger.

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Woman coughing in thick smoke filled room with the word "before" on top of the image.
Helping farmers is the solution to the hunger crisis

The best way to help is irrigation.

With irrigation, farmers can plant and harvest multiple cycles of high-value crops throughout the year—independent of the rains. If you have ever farmed or grown a garden, you know you can't rely on rain to be successful. Yet, more than 95% of rural farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa wait and pray for rain.

Your help is a game-changer.

Woman smiling while cooking over a stove with the word "after" over the image.
The impact of irrigation.

Each farmer you help will:

  • Grow enough to feed over 50 people in their community (including feeding their own kids!).
  • Increase their profits from $150 to $850 in the first year, finally providing them with a sustainable livelihood.
  • Hire another neighbor to help work on their farm, because production is more than they can handle!
Hannah with her irrigation pump

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