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A mom in Tanzania takes a break from work to hug her toddler.

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From the global pandemic to racial injustice and the climate crisis, 2020 has been hard. But instead of sitting on the sidelines, we’re standing up. People living in extreme poverty are being hit first and worst. If you have the ability to give to those in need, now is the time to act.

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"As a mom, it is important for me to make a positive impact in the world and show my children that you can make a difference. It is not enough to just care, you have to strive to make the change."

Amy K.

"I stumbled upon a video about the Adventure Project on Vimeo. I really liked what I saw and decided to sign up and become a monthly sponsor. I'm glad I did. The Adventure Project shows you what they are doing. I feel I'm making a small difference in the world thanks to The Adventure Project."

Chris V.W.

"I joined The Adventure Project because after years of supporting other non profits providing things like wells, education, scholarships and the like, TAP was the first organization who was doing those things in a way that is sustainable and gave dignity back to the person getting the new job. No other organization can do so much with my donation."

Tesi K.

"The Adventure Project stands out to me because of how engaged the company makes me feel. I regularly receive photos and handwritten notes (such a rare thing these days) about what's going on behind the scenes and how grateful they are for my support, which makes me realize that I truly am helping impact the world through them."

Haley B.

"I decided to join The Collective because I'm drawn to the Adventure Project's mission of helping communities by offering opportunity (and with that so many tangible and intangible benefits). Their focused work and on-the-ground partnerships make me feel that my monthly donations are going to help individuals for the long-term."

Molly W.
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On average, every $1,200 creates one job. Once a parent is working they serve at least 500 people in their community with life-saving products and services. Your support scales quickly.

Average monthly gift amount is: $45

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