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Chemistry Session.


Hey g5,

We’re The Adventure Project, and we’re honored to meet you.

But first, we’d love to hear more about you.

  1. What are you looking for in a g5 partner?

  2. What is the desired scope and outcome?

  3. How can we walk away from this meeting as your #1 choice?


Work We Love.


Campaigns that made us say, “Brilliant!”

Inspired us to think bigger and wonder what we can do offline and online to generate attention and increase conversions.


Why we love it: There was a strategic and thoughtful role-out of the campaign, targeting Jay-Z’s demographic. It grabs attention in a creative way, triggering media attention, but most importantly, engages fans and potential readers. It ultimately drives audience to Bing.

Potential Application: We would love to find ways to engage our audience and drive people to our site. Additionally, (before the pants came off) the Kony 2012 campaign did a wonderful job rallying individuals to get involved in a tangible way.

Additional Inspiration: Newcastle

Why we love it: It’s a brave way to get attention. Nonprofits are really stuffy, so it could be interesting to add humor.

Campaigns that moved us.

Why we love it: It takes viewers behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to report on these issues and why it matters. The photographer is no longer a passive observer of history, but you hear his/her emotion and feelings. As humans, we all love transparency and truth. Honesty is conveyed, and it’s incredibly gripping.

Potential Application: The tone of the entire campaign is incredibly powerful and moving. It is a successful call-to-action to those who value truth. How can we take our supporters “behind-the-scenes.”

Why we love it: It’s emotional and speaks to your heart. The narrator reads from Hamlet. It showcases men in the best light.

Potential Application: We could craft user generated content. What’s missing is a specific ask and a campaign landing page.


Why we love it: So bold that our team watched it during a staff meeting.

Potential Application: As a women-led organization, we’re tired of being called, “cute.” Same goes for the women we work with in developing countries. They don’t want a handout, they want an investment. We know what we’re doing. We want to be taken seriously.



If we could be anyone, this is who we would be.


We know how to end extreme poverty. You know how to move people.

Our ambition is to scale to create a million good jobs in Africa by 2030 and curb the climate crisis before it’s too late.  

We need a campaign to go beyond cookie-cutter. We need brave, bold, and creative action. We need you because you are the best.

The next decade is up to us. Can you help?