Nov. 1, 2014 - Oct. 31st, 2015

Total number of donations: 2,204    |   Average gift size = $87.53


Public Support

100% of the public's support went to our programs

0% went to our operations  |  0% went to fundraising

Organizational Efficiency


Running lean, thanks in part to generous gifts-in-kind:

Beespace, a nonprofit incubator provided us with free office space and professional services.

Netsuite and Salesforce - covered 100% of our software to manage our bookkeeping, program services and supporter management databases.




Maximizing Impact

While we believe in running lean and efficiently, our greatest focus is maximizing impact in the field - to ensure your dollars are truly lifting people out of poverty.



Jobs Created


Charcoal- Efficient Stoves


Wells Repaired


Where our program funds went:

chart program percentages.png

Strategy: Innovation & Scale

Our Water and Environment interventions are part of our Innovation Fund (blue), which provides seed capital to test promising ideas at a small scale. If proven successful, they move on to our Scale Fund.

Health and Hunger interventions are part of our Scale Fund (yellow). They have been proven to measurably alleviate extreme poverty, and need more funding to scale to new regions and countries. 

Our strategy was to expend more effort on our Innovation Fund this year so we can help more local organization scale in the years to come.

*Check out last year's financials to see how much we've grown!


Click below to download our 501(c)3 acceptance letter and 990 tax filings.

We were founded in November, 2010. Our fiscal year runs from Nov. 1. - Oct. 31.