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You Can Help People on the Frontline. Give Today.

Thanks to the past generosity of people like you, nearly 2,000 jobs have been created for people in Africa. But with the COVID-19 outbreak, these amazing entrepreneurs urgently need our help to protect their communities.

By becoming a monthly supporter today, you will deploy funds that can meet emergency needs today and ensure frontline supporters in Africa have the resources they need for the long road ahead through:

  • PPE
  • Soap
  • Clean water

Community Health Worker

Why Your Support is Needed.

Health Services are Already Overwhelmed
In Malawi, 90% of the population does not own a bar of soap.

In Uganda, there is 1 ICU bed for every 1 million people.
Prevention is Key, Now
Data scientists estimate we have 2-3 weeks until COVID-19 ripples across Africa (there are approx. 4,000 cases now).

We are all experiencing how fast this disease spreads; we have a choice as to how we show up for those most vulnerable.
Why Your Support is Needed
Thanks to your generosity over the years, thousands of people in Africa have moved out of poverty and into life-saving jobs (such as Community Health Workers).

Now, those workers are requesting our help to stay safe, while providing their communities with critical preventative services (soap, water, medicine).

We feel we have a moral opportunity to help. We hope you agree.
Help Provide Emergency Supplies.

Support Workers on the Frontline.

For $120, you can provide a Frontline Kit, which includes:

  • 100 bars of soap for 100 families in Malawi
  • 1 person with clean water in Northern Ghana
  • Protective gear (PPE) for Community Health Workers and lifesaving medicines for pregnant women and children in Togo, Uganda and Kenya