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Did you know the average active fundraiser raises $568 from seven friends?

These five actions can help triple the amount you raise and crush your goal:

1. Personalize your page.

Add your profile photo

It’s proven that campaigns with an individuals profile photo raise more than those that don't.

Write your "why"

Share why this campaign is important to you and how gifts will make a difference.

How to personalize your page >

2. Make the first gift.

The first gift is often the hardest. Make the first donation and friends will follow.

3. Send emails.

Sharing your page on Facebook and Twitter provides great visibility, but emails actually drive more friends to give.

Use these sample emails and posts >

4. Share your progress

Let friends know how you're doing with continued messages and check-ins.

See some examples >

5. Say thank you

Let people know you appreciate their gift - and ask them if they can share your fundraiser online.

Download these thank you notes + images > {COMING SOON}

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