Ester is one of the first women to become a stove entrepreneur!

Ester is a 32-year-old mother to six children.

She was working in Kenya making pots when she was recruited and trained by our local partner.

Now, she employs three people and has enough income to send all of her children to school. 

How your gifts helped:

"[You] trained me on how to make quality liners, how to fabricate claddings and assemble complete stoves, facilitated me to exhibit stoves in markets, given me tips on how to treat customers and trained me on how to keep records. 

[This year] I want to increase my production capacity by at least 10 fold. Then, I can buy a van.” 

The best part about my job:

“[The male employee’s] life has really improved, previously he was just idling about in the village but he can afford to cloth himself, feed well and afford other necessities. I am sure he will marry soon.”

We love empowering women to be leaders in their communities.

Now, thanks to you, stoves are being made by women, for women. 

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