Meet 8 Women Who Inspire Adventure


When we heard Soko wanted to create a bracelet that supports TAP, we couldn't have been more excited.

We love their killer style and that they employ Kenyan artisans. 20% of each bracelet sold goes to our hunger campaign, which is enough to feed one person in Kenya.

soko image.png

$40 each

So far, these bracelets have fed 117 people. 

Meet 8 incredible women who #ChooseAdventure


Andi Potamkin Blackmore

Founder of LeMise


"I choose to be optimistic. I choose to believe in the goodness of people, of the world. I choose to take risks. I choose to say yes.

This makes me vulnerable but I choose it anyway.

Sometimes I fail, but sometimes I succeed. And when I do succeed, I grow. Living this way makes everyday an adventure." // @andiandiandi



Danielle Prescod

Lifestyle Editor



"A lot of times, when you work in fashion, it is easy to get swept up in fantasy and become disconnected from real people and real problems. I love that the Adventure Project makes a real difference in people's lives by creating jobs. Opportunity is everything and I think it is really important to take on this challenge on a global scale. Being a good citizen and person is not just a local effort."



Nastasia Yakoub

Founder of Dame Traveler


"The Adventure cuff campaign inspires me because it empowers women with limited resources with the opportunity to experience purpose in life."

@nastasiaspassport // @dametraveler





Shayna Kulik

Founder + Creative Director of Pattern Pulp Studio


"I’ll always support companies with a mission geared towards helping the lives of their artisans. The Adventure Project focuses on the farming program in Kenya and the cuff is one small way give back to a system that’s aiming to make a difference." // @patternpulp// @shayna121



Molly Guy

Creative Director + Co-Founder of Stone Fox Bride


"I am passionate about any business initiative that seeks to integrate altruism and entrepreneurship. Conscious capitalism, baby. We should all hop aboard that train."



Ashlina Kaposta

Creative Director and Interior Designer


"Being an entrepreneuress means that business is different every single day, rely heavily on my faith and intuition. Trusting your gut instead of listening to others is the biggest adventure of all!" // @thedecorista


Meg Biram

Digital Marketing and Influencer Strategist


"I think of this quote, 'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.' I keep that in mind." // @megbiram


Kelly Christine

Graphic Designer, Kelly Christine Studio


"I use the word "adventure" with my little nephew all the time. Each time he's with me, I tell him we're going on an "adventure", which could mean anything from a quick trip to the grocery store to wandering around a museum. We #chooseadventure wherever we go, no matter how mundane the destination. Life is meant to lived." // // @dear_kcs


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