Meet Lucy


This month, our Collective helped hire Lucy!

Lucy is a 45-year-old mother of three. She and her husband own a farm in Mwongoiya, Kenya. Since buying an irrigation pump, her income has increased 250%, some of which she has invested in a new chicken business. A true entrepreneur! 


In her words: 

“I plan to make investments in the future that I could only dream about before the irrigation pump. Now that I don’t have to spend my money buying food at expensive market prices, I can use it to pay my children’s school fees and diversify my income by acquiring and raising animals, like goats, to create organic fertilizer. I want my investments to create even more opportunities for my children.” 

The best part about my job: 

"I’m most proud of my ability to provide nutritious food not just to my family, but for members of my community as well. I am happy to feed those around me while also making money."

Impact This Quarter:

This quarter you've helped us create
53 jobs for farmers in Kenya.