Meet Monika


Last month, our Collective helped hire Monika!

Monika and her husband care for 17 children (yes, 17!). Some are her own, some are grandchildren, and some are children she's generously taken in. 

Last year our supporters helped her gain access to an irrigation pump. Today she is earning 5x more. 

In her words: 

"Before the pump, I did not always have enough to feed my family and sell at the market. Now, my family is eating nutritious meals year-round and I have money to go to the market every day. My children are happy because they come home from school and know they are going to eat well. The market-goers are happy because they know they can rely on my business to buy their food for the week and I am proud of that."


"I am no longer scrambling to provide for my family. I am proud to be a business-woman, farmer, and mother." - Monika



You can help empower more mothers like Monika. 
Every $10 raised will help a farmer feed one person in Kenya. 

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Every $1,500 moves one farmer (and their family) out of extreme poverty and into the middle class. They go on to feed at least 50 people in their community. Click here to start a fundraiser.