Risky Business


For successful entrepreneurs, taking risks is their special-sauce. As Mark Zuckerberg says, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.”

But, what happens when you’re living in extreme poverty? Business risks could mean life or death for your family. 

It’s no surprise studies have shown farmers in developing countries are incredibly risk averse. If you have 20 minutes, we totally recommend this recent podcast from Planet Money on farmers and risk. It shows that farmers are more likely to invest in growing their businesses when there is a system to limit their risk. 


With great risk comes great rewards. So, we’re working hard to create opportunities for farmers to feel more confident in investing in irrigation for their small business. 

We support two flexible financing options:

Mobile layaway: Farmers can sock away a little bit of money at a time to pay off their pump instead of paying it all up front. But the sock has gotten an upgrade - money is saved through the farmer’s mobile phone.

Rent-to-own: Rent-to-own gives them the chance to work off their pump by doing what they do best - farming. Less cash is needed up front and farmers can make payments after they cash in from their harvest.

The decision to grow your business shouldn’t be at the risk of feeding your family or sending your kids to school. We get that. So, we’re working to make the decision a little easier.