Empowering the future


We’re here to empower kids all over the world, so we thought we'd share a few reasons why a new stove is necessary for children to thrive.

First things first, health and safety

Breathing in toxic smoke doubles the risk for childhood pneumonia (respiratory illness is currently the #1 killer of children under five-years-old). 

Many moms strap their babies to their backs while they cook the family’s meals, unaware their babies are inhaling toxic smoke from their open fire.

Missed-school days

Children often help their moms collect firewood and it’s grueling work.

Using a stove instead of an open fire saves families 10 hours each week from collecting wood. This time can be invested back into the classroom.

Efficient stoves mean a bright future for children. That’s why we’re creating stove businesses throughout Kenya.

Thanks to you around 82,000 children are breathing easier!