Happy November! This quarter, we’re highlighting our work with the environment.

Why stoves?

Cooking over open fires is one of the world’s largest—but least known—killers. We got our start 5 years ago empowering people to make and sell efficient stoves (we did it by selling thousands of boxes of coal).

What’s new this year?

Here are 3 things we’re excited to dive into:

  1. Women only: For the next two years, we’ll be solely focused on training 200 women to become “energy” entrepreneurs, which is currently a male-dominated industry.  
  2. Solar power: Ladies will be selling stoves and now solar lights (70% of Kenyans lack electricity). 
  3. POTUS in Kenya (no, really): We will be working alongside the U.S. Dept. of State in Kenya to co-sponsor this program. They are contributing $2 for every $1 we raise. 

We’re hoping to raise $150,000 this year to fully support this program.

If you supported stoves for families last year, you already know your impact went 4 times further. Now, our coal soap is back and only $20! For every purchase, you provide a family with an efficient stove. Change lives here.


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