Run the World (Girls)

Happy November! This quarter, we’re highlighting our work with the environment.

Why stoves?

Cooking over open fires is one of the world’s largest—but least known—killers. We got our start 5 years ago empowering people to make and sell efficient stoves (we did it by selling thousands of boxes of coal).

What’s new this year?

Here are 3 things we’re excited to dive into:

  1. Women only: For the next two years, we’ll be solely focused on training 200 women to become “energy” entrepreneurs, which is currently a male-dominated industry.  
  2. Solar power: Ladies will be selling stoves and now solar lights (70% of Kenyans lack electricity). 
  3. POTUS in Kenya (no, really): We will be working alongside the U.S. Dept. of State in Kenya to co-sponsor this program. They are contributing $2 for every $1 we raise. 

We’re hoping to raise $150,000 this year to fully support this program.

If you supported stoves for families last year, you already know your impact went 4 times further. Now, our coal soap is back and only $20! For every purchase, you provide a family with an efficient stove. Change lives here.