Women Who Lead: Mother's Day Fundraisers 2016

Meet just a few of the incredible women - our leading ladies - who joined us this month to support moms and their children in Uganda.

Together, a powerful group of twenty-nine women have come together to help us raise $25,000 to create jobs for Community Health Promoters in Uganda.

As we’ve said before - never underestimate a woman on a mission!


Life Coach, Author, Blogger, Mom

When [Evelyn] was having her babies, she traveled to a medical center where she delivered, but went home alone to care for her children. There were no follow up appointments with doctors or nurses to make sure she or the baby were healthy and well cared for. Evelyn knew that she wanted to change that.” - Leighann Marquiss (after video chatting with CHP, Evelyn)

Leighann launched her fundraising page with a goal of raising $250. She raised over $1,200. Read her blog post here.


Mom & Activist

 “As a mother myself, I can't imagine not being able to care for my children. I think it's vital that we do all we can to support others with the same care that we would wish for ourselves and our families.” - Shea Weaver Grubbs


Author, Mom, & Cancer Fighter

“For sure, the greatest birthday gift this year is my life.  And I recognize that having access to fantastic health care at the University of Virginia has a lot to do with this gift.  So my way of being a candle today is to help give the gift of health care to others who need it.” - Fran Cannon Slayton

We can’t say enough how humbled we are by Fran’s support. Read her blog here


TAP supporter & First-time Fundraiser

“People are what are important to me, and everyone deserves what is necessary to survive.” - Nikki Mitidieri

Stepping out of her comfort zone and joining our campaign, Nikki raised almost double her goal.


Co-Founders of the Mama Bears Dares Podcast

"Being a woman can be a really difficult thing in most of the world, but one thing is universal - other women help nourish the female experience." - Tesi & Leslie Klipsch


Founder of The Project for Women

 "I can’t think of anything I would rather gift myself, a friend, or my mother than the opportunity to support a woman and child by creating a sustainable system within a community for all to not only survive, but thrive." - Lauri Levenfeld


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