This month, our Collective helped hire Christine! 

Christine is a Community Health Promoter (CHP) in Uganda. She's working to keep her neighbors healthy.
 We'll let her tell you how...


"I have a neighbor who was not keen on giving me her child to assess. She believed that CHPs have no skills to treat babies that are under 1. One night, at about 3am, I heard a knock on my door - it was her husband asking me to help them with Panadol (a pain killer and fever reducer) tablets as their 6 month old baby had a fever... I measured the child's temperature and she was burning up at a temperature of 38.3°C (100°F). I immediately started using my training to wipe the baby from her legs upward with cold water to ensure her temperature cools. As i did this, I kept measuring and could see the temperature reduce. By 7am, i still had the family in my house and I had diagnosed malaria. It was a bad situation and that child could have died that night. I treated and escorted them to a hospital, made a follow up that same evening, and was glad the baby was still well. I keep treating my neighbor and the baby and they remain my good clients."


Christine is a single mom with three kids of her own - 12, 5, and 3 years old. As a CHP, she's now earning 145% more than when she worked as a shopkeeper. She's even in the process of expanding her house which she'll rent out to earn even more and send her youngest children to school. She's also working on starting a savings group among her friends who also work as CHPs.


"It's very simple - to see that the people and children in our slum community are healthy regardless of what surrounds us. When I don't see diarrhea and other diseases and I helped achieve this, I am happy. When I see that I have reduced the number of deaths per child birth i feel complete." 

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