What's with our name? We get that a lot.

"What's with the name?" 

It's the most common question we get. So, we thought we'd answer it. 

Here’s the two reasons we're called The Adventure Project:

1. Starting was an Adventure

*Jody hates this picture - sorry Jody!!

*Jody hates this picture - sorry Jody!!

My co-founder, Jody, and I have a shared purpose of changing charity, and we knew friends who felt the same way.  

To be real for a sec - giving feels great. It’s awesome. But, people don’t want handouts. What everyone wants most in this world is a good job (we’re not just saying that, here’s the study). 

We wanted to focus on giving people dignity and opportunity by teaching them tangible job skills that enable them to lift themselves (and their families) out of poverty. 

We didn’t want our gifts to become an endless cycle of aid and dependency, but a life-changing catalyst that sets people up for success.

Jody and I set off on an adventure five years ago without knowing if others would join us. We gave it everything we had (which turned out to be $4,000, a blog and our two Facebook pages).

2. We “add venture” capital

Much like venture capital firms analyzing and investing in the most promising companies, we spend our time and energy analyzing the most effective interventions to end extreme poverty

Plus, we are helping entrepreneurs thrive. Specifically, entrepreneurs who “add” something positive to the world. 

So, that’s why we Adventure.

PS: We added “The” and “Project” because buying the adventure.org domain is a cool $50K.   We passed on that.