Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Two out of three families in Sub-Saharan Africa still lack electricity. 

Most people rely on kerosene lamps. But kerosene can be expensive and dangerous for children. 

Thankfully, Community Health Promoters (CHPs) sell solar lamps designed affordably. Their solar products range from $6.25 for a single light to $80 for an entire solar home system.

Few perks:

  • Saves families $50-100 a year on what they would otherwise spend on kerosene
  • They include an outlet to charge your phone
  • School kids can study longer
  • Eliminates the possibility of burns and fires. 

Want to see how The CHP's advertise? Click here to see their catalogue. Each CHP received a full color catalogue to help them hawk their wares. The design is intentionally aspirational.