Giving Kids A Healthy Start

Not a Stunt.

In Uganda, one out of three children suffers from stunting (basically, malnutrition from eating a diet lacking in vitamins). 

You guessed it, it keeps children short. It also impacts cognitive, motor, and language development, decreasing learning capacity and their potential as adults. Stunting contributes to half of all deaths of babies and children in Africa. 

Stunting is rare in the US (only 2%) because we’ve been fortifying and enriching foods with micronutrients for almost a century. Fortified foods aren’t easily found in Africa - until now. 

Grow Shorty. 

Seeing the need, Living Goods decided to take a risk and create their own product, “Healthy Start” fortified porridge (see photo below). The blend of corn and soy ingredients is fortified with the nutrients kids need. 

It’s now their number one seller. 

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Thanks to your support, Living Goods has been expanding their services from Uganda to Kenya.

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