The Money-Making Secret No One Wants to Talk About

Who do you tell when your income drastically increases?

If you have been living in extreme poverty - Kickstart has found that you'd probably keep it to yourself. 

Nearly half of all people in Kenya live below the poverty line (45.9% live on less than $2 per day.) Shocking, right? 

Most farmers who buy an irrigation pump are reluctant to tell neighbors about their income increase (an average of $800) for fear that they will become overwhelmed with requests for help from the community. 

It doesn't mean they are greedy - most hire at least one neighbor to help on their farm. But, they are reluctant to scream it from rooftops.  

So how do you sell a lifesaving product when your customers don't want to spill their secret?

Here's how Kickstart makes it happen:

  1. Branding their pumps as "MoneyMaker" - because, surprise surprise, people really want to make money. 

  2. Free swag. Specifically, shirts and skirts so when people ask about their new outfit they can talk about the pump. 

  3. Selling through local partner organizations that have already built trust with local farmers. The organizations host demos with existing networks so people can see the pump in action.

This challenge is one of the reasons our support is needed. 

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