Meet Pamela!


This month, our Collective helped hire Pamela!

Pamela is a 54-year-old mother to 5 children. She is widowed with 2 children still living at home. Thanks to your support, she is now earning a living as a stove entrepreneur in Kisumu, Kenya.

How your gifts helped:

Your generosity provided Pamela with: 

  • Business planning 
  • Market development
  • Financial linkage to a local bank
  • Business and technology mentorship
  • Tools and equipment to start her production business


Pamela is now selling an average of 21 stoves per month and has hired three men to help keep up with production.

She is especially proud that one of her workers was able to re-enroll his son in school, now that he has a job.

Pamela’s vision for her business is to one day employ 20 people in her community.


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