100 Jobs for Giving Tuesday: The Details And FAQ


We have an exciting opportunity to double our impact and raise $50K from the Gates Foundation for Giving Tuesday! 

So we're rallying our key supporters (YOU) and hoping you can join us in fundraising and spreading the word on Facebook on Giving Tuesday. It’s very easy to get involved: Create your fundraising page now, and invite your friends first thing tomorrow! Below are the details, and we’re super grateful for all of your support -- we couldn’t do it without you!

Here's the plan for the big day:

  1. Create your fundraising page in under a minute by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheAdventureProject/fundraisers/

  2. Select from the buttons “Create Fundraiser” or “Raise Money”

  3. Put your campaign goal at $1,500 (enough to create one job for a mom or dad!)

  4. You can create your page now, or wait until Tuesday morning. Good news is it only takes a minute to create.

  5. If you want some help with your Story, this may help get you started:

    A job has the power to lift people out of poverty forever. So, today, I’m asking your help to change the life of a person currently living in extreme poverty. $1500 will enable them to earn an income, send at least one of their kids to school for the first time, and learn a skill that will provide lifesaving services to at least 500 people in their community. And today, all donations (up to $1000) will be matched! Jobs multiply opportunity, hope, education, peace, and prosperity for everyone. When people have good jobs, they invest in their future. Help me make an impact this Giving Tuesday and support The Adventure Project!
  6. Invite your friends on Tuesday morning! Last year, the matching funds ran out within the first two hours (yikes!). So, an early start makes an impact. 

Some important FAQs:

We need you to make your own fundraising page. Here’s why: Gates Foundation is matching up to $50K per organization; $1,000 per fundraiser. So we can’t just raise $50K on our donate button. We need a lot of people to join us in creating their own fundraising pages (at least 50)!

Give early, share often: The Gates Foundation is giving away $2M TOTAL, and many orgs are participating. Once those matching funds run out, they're gone. Therefore, we need you to share/give in the AM to maximize your matching chances. Campaign opens at 8AM EST. So set your calendars/alarms!

Can I mail a check? Unfortunately, for gifts to be matched, they have to be made on Tuesday on Facebook.

How will I know how much in matching gifts I raised? After Giving Tuesday, Facebook will add a banner to your fundraising page indicating the amount you raised in matching funds.

What if a friend donates before or after tomorrow? All gifts go straight to TAP! However, to double your impact, only donations made after 8AM EST on Tuesday will be matched (up to $1000 per fundraiser) -- so sharing is caring!

I’m not sure I am good at fundraising. What if I can’t raise $1,500? Whether you raise $50 or $1,500, your support is transformational. We’re here to help and we think you’ll surprise yourself by how fun and easy it is.

I'm not on Facebook. How can I help? We'd still love your support and donations this Giving Tuesday! If you have friends on Facebook, ask them to consider supporting one of our fundraisers or our organization -- any bit helps! 

Here are three tips:

  1. The average fundraiser raises $568 from 7 friends (and that’s without a match!). Make the first gift and then ask friends to join you.

  2. Make it personal. Raising $1,500 means you will change the life of a person currently living in extreme poverty. Many friends on Giving Tuesday may be looking for causes to give to, and you will be helping them by sharing why you have joined with us.

  3. Update/share often. Calculate how close you are and share, “If I can find 5 friends to each give $40, I will reach my goal!” People love helping friends reach goals.

Again, we’re so thankful for each of you. And we’re here to help!

Questions? Just ask below.

Nicky YatesComment