Introducing Adventure Ambassadors


We’re excited to share with you our new Ambassador program!

Are you passionate about seeing the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime and want to bring others along? We’re looking for you!

Who are Ambassadors?

Ambassadors play an important leadership role at The Adventure Project (TAP). You are leaders, storytellers and doers. You have a bias towards action and seek to engage with others on issues you care about. Ambassadors bring people together to raise awareness and support for TAP either through Events or by forming Giving Circles.

What is a Giving Circle?
A Giving Circle is a group of individuals that donate their money and time to a charity for collective impact. They meet regularly to learn about issues they care about and to better advocate for the charity.

Why become an Ambassador?
Be part of something transformative. For the first time in history, less than 10% of the global population lives in extreme poverty. We can be the first generation to end extreme poverty in our lifetime.

Feel more connected to friends and community. Dive deeper into issues affecting people in extreme poverty and be part of creating positive transformation. Get offline. Have fun. Spread joy.

Two ways to get started:

  1. Be an Event Ambassador: plan events and raise funds for TAP throughout the year. Invite your friends to learn more about TAP and to make a gift. We will provide suggestions each quarter that align with our four program areas (environment, water, health, hunger) to make it easy.

  2. Form a Giving Circle: invite your friends to join the Collective, our community of monthly supporters. We’ll send regular updates on the work you’re supporting. Get together with your Giving Circle regularly to keep them engaged and learn more about issues you care about.

Minimum requirements:
Ambassadors can set their own fundraising goals with a minimum of raising $1,000 collectively per year. On average, it costs $1,200 to hire and train someone to become a profitable entrepreneur.

Interested in being an Event Ambassador? Plan four (4) events and raise $250 each time = $1,000 in a year. Host more frequently or less, invite different people or the same each time...we leave it up to you!

Interested in forming a Giving Circle? Recruit 5 people to join the Collective at $20 per month = $1,200 in a year (one entrepreneur sponsored!). We require Giving Circle Ambassadors to be Collective members themselves so count yourself in!

I’m ready to become an Ambassador, how do I apply?
We’re so excited to have you on board. To apply, fill out our Ambassador form.

Need more information? Visit our FAQs or contact April Somboun,

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