One of our great joys is being able to tell people, “You’re hired!” This summer we’ve hired three new interns to help us behind the scenes: Cloé, Yu-Ting, and Li Yin. They are a part of the Operations and Impact Evaluation teams. 

Cloé is a Freshman at Hunter College, double majoring in Environmental Studies and Economics. At The Adventure Project, she is inspired to see a group of women leading a nonprofit organization that aims to help people while having an environmental focus, which she hopes to accomplish one day. Cloé is also a part-time swim instructor at the Prospect Park YMCA and has a bunny that she calls “Bunny.”

Yu-Ting is from Taiwan but has been living in the United States for two years now. Yu-Ting is currently doing her MBA at the University of New Haven and did her undergraduate education in Taiwan where she double majored in Finance and Geography. She is excited to join this expanding nonprofit organization, improving her analytical skills and gaining more hands-on experience with business development. Yu-Ting also enjoys playing volleyball and has a 20-pound cat that she loves.

Li Yin is now a rising Senior at Brooklyn Technical High School, majoring in Mechatronics and Robotics. She hopes to double major in Mechanical Engineering and Business in college.  She’s ecstatic to intern at The Adventure Project because she’s able to make an impact on someone’s life. Li Yin is currently on two sports teams at her school - badminton and golf - and she enjoys volunteering during her free time.

Welcome to the team, Cloé, Yu-Ting, and Li Yin!

Li Yin, Cloé, and Yu-Ting (from left to right) spelling “TAP” with their arms!

Li Yin, Cloé, and Yu-Ting (from left to right) spelling “TAP” with their arms!

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