Basic needs are on 10,000 wishlists this holiday season.

Poverty, inflation and food prices are all rising. Our incredible community is working harder to help. Can you rise with us?

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Essential needs are met thanks to extraordinary people.

You can give someone what they dream of most: a good job.

Give $1,200 (or $100/mo) to provide one person with the tools and training to provide essential needs to at least 20 families in their community.

From training healthcare workers to care for pregnant moms and babies, to helping farmers grow more food, your gift today will ripple to save lives for years to come.

Image of a female stove mason in Kenya
A header reading, "Give something they need."

Here's what your support can do: 

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Put "coal" in everyone's stockings this year.
Each $20 charcoal gift provides one family in Kenya with a new stove.

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Millicent from Kenya, sharing how she increased her income by selling stoves.
Millicent, K. from Kenya

"I want you to know that you have changed my life and my children’s lives."

Millicent is a tailor by trade. Her income increased from $7 to $12 per week when she started selling Mukuru Clean Stoves in her shop in Ndori, Kenya. She earns $1 commission from each sale.

[Now,] “I am able to make healthy meals for my husband and children. My neighbors and customers who use the stoves say they don’t cough as much as they used to when they were using open fires. I want you to know that you have changed my life and my children’s lives.”

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By creating local jobs, here's how your giving goes further.

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