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Thank you, Xandr!

Dear Ryan, Lindsay and Digital Platform Product team,

We are so grateful for your inVESTment in helping people in Uganda get clean water.


But in all seriousness…

Thanks to your support, 33 people will get clean water for the first time.

Additionally, we were able to match your gift, turning it into over $3,300. These funds will give 33 people in the Biguli, Uganda, clean water.

We are so grateful for your kindness. Your “inVESTment” will impact the lives of so many for years to come.

If you would like to learn more, please click the buttons below. Or if you have questions or would like to stay connected, feel free to send me an email (here). Two years ago, I spoke at an event at the AT&T HQ in Dallas; I would love to find more ways we can partner.

Thanks again!

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Becky Straw

Co-Founder + CEO, The Adventure Project


Our Goal.

We’re working to give everyone in Biguli clean water.

If successful, this would be the first county in the country where 100% of the population has clean water.



Sustainability Matters Most.

With each project you are also supporting job training; hiring people from the communities to become well mechanics and caretakers. 


This Year,

we’re working to give 1,000 people clean water.