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Together, we're fighting the world's biggest - yet least known - killer of women and children.*


For six years we have fought deforestation and deadly carbon emissions by helping local organizations create fuel-efficient stove businesses in Haiti and Kenya.

*Did you know: Indoor air pollution kills 4.3 million people each year, mainly moms cooking over open fires and their children who breathe the toxic smoke while playing nearby.


3 billion people

eat every meal cooked over an open fire.

2 packs per day

Cooking over an open fire is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day.

Toxic black carbon

Cooking over open fires emits more toxic smoke into the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in the world, combined.


The use of charcoal and wood to cook has led to massive deforestation, especially in developing countries.


Your support can get affordable, lifesaving stoves into the hands of women in need.


Every Stove:

  • Insulates heat, cooking food faster
  • Uses half as much charcoal or wood, compared to open fires
  • Drastically reduces toxic smoke emissions
  • Saves six trees from being cut down and turned into fuel each year
  • Can be made locally, create in-demand jobs

TAP's Environment Program Details: 2017-2018

We don't give away stoves. Instead, we kickstart stove entrepreneurs.

 We're giving women the opportunity to own their own stove businesses.

With your help, we want to recruit and train 64 women throughout Kenya to become stove entrepreneurs. They will get tools, machinery and financial support to run their own stove businesses and sell their stoves in the local markets - for years to come!


Funds needed for 2017: $186,000

Country: Kenya

Local implementing partner: Energy4Impact

Jobs to be created: 64

Gender ratio: 100% female

Description of program: Over the next two years, 200 women spread throughout Kenya will be recruited and trained to run their own stove businesses. Usually a male-dominated industry, our goal is to empower women to become business owners. 

The U.S. Department of State in Kenya is co-funding the program, providing support for 136 women. The Adventure Project has been asked to help provide support for the remaining 64 women in need. 

Quote from partner: "Essentially, if given the chance women can perform just as effectively as men as energy entrepreneurs. We would be giving them tools to compete on fair ground - empowering them through financial, technical and business management capacity development support to integrate them into the energy value chain."


Your donations go to:

Women business owners:

  • business training / management / coaching
  • financial management 
  • machinery / tools / stove molds 
  • marketing materials (banners, signs and pamphlets) 
  • to diversify their product line, women will also sell affordable solar lights

Women stove buyers:

  • access to low-interest loans, so even the poorest of the poor can afford a new stove (the repayment interest amount is $1 USD). As loans are repaid they go into a revolving fund, so the cycle of support continues to radiate to more women in need. We helped pilot this loan program last year and it was wildly successful. 


Anticipated Outcomes FOR THIS YEAR:

  • 64 women will earn a living
  • 64 additional people will be hired (each woman will hire one additional community member as their business grows)
  • Each woman will make and sell at least 200 stoves in her community this year.
    • Almost 39,000 tons of CO2 will be mitigated
    • Over 75,000 trees will be spared from being cut down and turned into charcoal or firewood

To Date:

You've helped us create 159 jobs for stove masons and sellers. Together, they have sold nearly 30,000 stoves (and counting). Please join us this year in helping women get their fair ground. 


Every donation made before December 31st will be matched to double the impact of your gift!

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