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Once someone is trained and working, they serve approximately 500 of their neighbors with life-saving products and services.

Collectively, your support has created 1,940 jobs worldwide, impacting 1.4 M people in need.

Living Goods worker smiling while among a group of smiling children.
1,940 jobs 
Over the past nine years, you have created nearly 2,000 jobs across India, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and Uganda.
1,396,703 people 
Over 1.5 million people have gained access to better food, safe drinking water, improved health, and an improved environment.
6 countries
Starting in Haiti, over the past ten years, we've expanded to six countries, adding Ghana and Togo in 2020! 
Tracking Data.

Sharing Transparently.

We track multiple data points across our four verticals. Below are the highlights from our portfolio.

Solving one of the largest killers of women and children.


Cooking over open fires is one of the world's biggest - but least known - killers. Four million people die each year from breathing in toxic cooking smoke, mainly women and their children strapped to their backs or playing nearby.

The Solution: A locally-made, affordable cookstove.

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Mother sitting inside wooden house smiling down at smiling child leaning on her lap.
Jobs Created: 449
449 men and women are working as stove entrepreneurs, making and selling stoves in their communities.
People Impacted: 426,240
161,584 charcoal-efficient stoves have been produced and sold.
Additional Bonus:
Because they use less charcoal and firewood, each stove saves six trees from being turned into charcoal and reduces carbon emissions by 1.5 tons.
Preventing Child and Maternal Mortality.


Most children in developing countries die from preventable diseases, but treatments to save them cost less than a cup of coffee.

The Solution: Training Community Health Workers to get the right drugs into the right places.

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Living Goods worker standing with mother holding baby in her arms.
Jobs Created: 378
Your support has helped train 378 Community Health Workers.
People Impacted: 302,100
Together, Community Health Workers are caring for 302,100 pregnant moms and children with life-saving healthcare
Additional Bonus:
A recent random-controlled study revealed that having one Community Health Worker in a village reduces child mortality 27%.
Ensuring farmers can feed their families.


80% of the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa work as rural farmers. Each night, 75% of their children go hungry because they struggle to grow enough to feed their own families.

The Solution: Access to irrigation, drought-resistant seeds and farming mentors.

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A female farmer celebrates her harvest in Kenya.
Jobs Created: 814
814 farmers have been supported, thanks to your generosity.
People Impacted: 37,000
They are feeding 37,700 people with nutritious food.
Additional Bonus:
In Kenya, within the first harvest a farmer will move into the middle class and send at least one of their children to school for the first time.
Keeping wells working.


You can live without a lot, except water. 36% of all water wells in Africa are currently broken, often because there are no spare parts, tools, funding or trained mechanics nearly.

The Solution: Train well mechanics and caretakers locally to keep water flowing.

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Three well mechanics holding tools while surrounding well pump.
Jobs Created: 316
316 Well Mechanics & Caretakers have been trained and currently employed.
People Impacted: 794,313
You're helped to provide 794,313 people with clean water.
Additional Bonus:
Because community members pay a small fee per jerry can (bucket), they can ensure there is adequate funding for future repairs.
Female stove masons in Kenya.

Save Lives Every Day.

Your support creates life-saving products and services that improve entire communities. From training well mechanics to providing farmers with better irrigation systems, you can support entrepreneurs year-round.

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