We focus on the world's greatest issues affecting people living in poverty.

Then, we invest in entrepreneurial solutions to those problems, to save children's lives.

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Women cooking while covering eyes with a scarf in a smokey room.
Environment: The Problem

3 Billion People Cook Over Open Fires.

Cooking over open fires is one of the world's biggest - but least known - killers.

Four million people die each year from breathing in toxic cooking smoke. The smoke is harmful to their health and the environment. It is a major contributor of black carbon emissions, which leads to climate change.

Additionally, open fires require a lot of wood and charcoal, causing mass deforestation.

Environment: The Solution

Clean Cookstoves and Solar Lights.

Stoves are made locally and sold by men and women in Kenya and Tanzania.

Each stove saves a family 20% of their daily expenses, because they use 50% less charcoal per day.

One stove saves six trees from being turned into charcoal each year and reduces carbon emissions by 1.5 tons.

Stove entrepreneurs are also starting to sell solar lights, reducing the cost of kerosene and the risk of burns.

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Hunger: The Problem

Farmers Struggle to Feed their Families.

80% of the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa work as rural farmers. Each night, 75% of their children go hungry because they struggle to grow enough to feed their families.

Without proper tools and equipment, many farmers rely on the rains and toil on small plots of land.

Hunger: The Solution

Equip farmers with the right tools and knowledge.

It's estimated that 12-15 million farmers in Africa would benefit from irrigation. One irrigation pump can lift a farmer and his family out of poverty and into the middle class in as little as one harvest. On average, each farmer grows enough to sell produce to 50 community members, and earns enough to send one child to school for the first time.

Women smiling while watering crops.
Health: The Problem

Pregnant mothers and children still die from preventable causes.

Every minute, six children die in the developing world because they do not have access to basic medicines - treatments that cost less than a cup of coffee.

Health: Solution

Training women locally to become licensed Community Health Workers

Your support trains local leaders to become Community Healthcare Workers, so they can earn a living selling over 60 products at affordable prices. Each person cares for approximately 800 people in their community, giving special attention to pregnant mothers and young children. Health care agents have reduced child mortality by 25% in their communities.

Christine checking child for malnutrition
Water: The Problem

Over 1/3 of wells in Africa are broken.

Over one-third of all wells drilled in the last twenty years are now broken - 50,000 are currently broken in Africa alone.

They usually remain broken because there are no tools, spare parts or trained mechanics nearby.

Water: The Solution

Training local mechanics to keep water flowing.

Training local well mechanics to fix and maintain wells is the most sustainable way to ensure wells are always working so people have access to clean water.

Mechanics earn an income from fixing and maintaining wells while caretakers earn money by turning on the well each morning. Community members agree to pay .04¢ per jerry can, to ensure funding is available to keep water flowing.

Female stove masons in Kenya.

Save Lives Every Day.

Your support creates life-saving products and services that improve entire communities. From training well mechanics to providing farmers with better irrigation systems, you can support entrepreneurs year-round.