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5 intentional ways your generosity is doing more to give people clean water.

Last week, I returned from Ghana.

A 10 Mile Walk

I met Senibui under a tree,

Tomorrow, Clean Water For The First Time!

Bigman is 75 years old. Thanks to you, she'll have clean water for the first time.

I know my neighbors are waiting

Rachael lost her job when COVID hit. Thanks to your support, she took up farming.

"If you want to raise money, she needs to look poor."

One beautiful summer morning, I was standing on a farm in Kenya. Our photographer, Esther Havens, and I were there to tell the story of two incredible farmers, Sarah and Peter.

Moms like Mercy

Mercy never planned to become a farmer. During high school, she dreamed of going to college and getting a professional job. But, she couldn't afford tuition.

Why are children starving? Three reasons why there is an urgent food crisis unfolding in the Horn of Africa.

This week, UNICEF warned that an explosion of child deaths in the Horn of Africa is imminent – unless the world responds immediately. What's the origin of this crisis? Here are 3 reasons why the number of food-insecure people has doubled this year:

Giving Strategies: Why donating monthly is so impactful. 

Four reasons why I would like to invite you to become a member of our monthly giving community called, The Collective.

Time for a Change

“You’re a bit of a wild card candidate,” Becky joked as we wrapped up my first Zoom interview with The Adventure Project (TAP).

The Spark for Women, Everywhere

" I turned my back for one second."

Making It Work

Before the pandemic, I was one of the millions of women "making it work." I was running The Adventure Project, raising a toddler, and pregnant with our second child.

If You Build It, They Will Come

How one family has helped thousands of people by building their field of dreams.

How to Really Help in Haiti and Afghanistan

Like most of you, I am heartbroken for the many in our world who are suffering. As someone who has worked in international development for most of my career (including in Haiti before and after the 2010 earthquake), I want to share some encouraging advice on why donating money can make such an incredible difference.

More Valuable than Gold

I wish you were here. I wish I could take you by the hand, and sit you next to me on Hannah’s couch. So you can feel the warmth of her energy in person.

A Miracle Grows in Kenya

Meet Joy

The Story I Can't Share In Public

A chance meeting on the side of the road led to The Adventure Project.

From the Field: Malawi

In this conversation, we discuss the growing needs in Malawi as a result of COVID-19.

How to Tell a Non-Story about Not Poor People

This is a story about things going horribly wrong and what helped us through it.

Making 2020 (Donations) Count

How To Make The Most of Your End-of-Year Giving

A Decade of Giving Water for Christmas

Tesi Klipsch's understanding of the water crisis was changed on her first trip to Ethiopia.

Giving Tuesday 2020

When our culture puts pressure on us to spend money on things, Giving Tuesday reminds us our money can do more when we invest in people.

Joy Against the Rain

Joy's story was the first I wrote for The Adventure Project. It was nine months into our first year, and while we were gaining traction, it wasn't without a few bumps.

How We Found Our "Why" and How You Can Launch Your Own Nonprofit On A Shoestring Budget

I laid down on the floor in my apartment, stretched out my arms, and stared at the ceiling.

The Adventure Project Began Because I Got Fired

I got fired. Even though it’s been over a decade, it still stings. Partly, because I’m often asked, “You were the third employee at charity: water? Followed closely with, “Why would you EVER leave?!”

We're Hiring A Content Creator


I Will Keep Helping Women.

Meet Elizabeth and hear why cooking went from making her sick to making her happy.

COVID-19 Resources for You

We know this is a trying and scary time for us all. We’re working with our partners to ensure they are fully prepared as COVID continues to unfold. And we’re here for you, our community, too. Here’s a list of resources that might help in your time of need.

COVID-19 Africa Updates

To help you stay informed on the latest developments surrounding COVID-19 in Africa, we have created a list of resources and news reports. Updated daily as the situation evolves. 

COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

The Adventure Project has launched an emergency relief fund to respond to the spread of COVID-19 within some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

The Kids are in School

“It was embarrassing,” Joyce admitted, recalling her childhood memory.

Grace the Kind One

Winding through narrow streets, around potholes and ditches, our driver was careful to dodge all the children in school uniforms walking along the edge of the road.

Our Strategy is Love

What does it take to save the life of a child in Uganda? Listen to our Co-Founder, Becky Straw, as she takes you behind-the-scenes to meet two children struggling with malnutrition and the women working tirelessly to keep them healthy.

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