Save a Seat at the Dinner Table

In honor of World Food Day, will you save a seat
at your dinner table and help a farmer?

Your generosity will directly provide farmers who are currently living on
an average of $20 per year the opportunity to receive the hands-on-training,
mentorship, education, and tools to become profitable farmers.




1000 members

For every new Collective member who joins this month—
your gift will be matched for an entire year (up to $10,000)!

Thanks to the generosity of The Hamilton Street Foundation.

Join the Collective.


How your gifts make a difference


Provides 2 farmers with seeds for an entire year.


Rubber boots, tools and fertilizer for 2 farmers.


One pair of rubber boots.


Meet Ford, a farmer and father

Ford cares for his five children through odd jobs and growing maize and there has been many challenges. Since being part of the program this is what he told us:

"When I heard about the program, I saw a brighter future. Before, I couldn't even dream or make tangible plans for my family. Now, I can make sure I can secure enough food. This will help me take care of my kids. I learned how to better care for my children and to prioritize their needs. How to use modern farming techniques that help me grow more. And, how to save money in a bank and this was new and unique for us. I see the potential in what I am doing each day."

Help hire more Fords.

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These companies are honoring World Food Day by providing a percentage of their evening’s sales or donation. Thank you.