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Give clean water.
And make it last.

Your generosity can creating jobs for women as water kiosk entrepreneur's in Northern Ghana, so they can bring clean drinking water into their communities for the first time.

Every $50 provides one person with clean water.

The Problem:

In Northern Ghana, people are currently drinking from contaminated ponds and streams.

As a result, millions of people – especially children – suffer from waterborne diseases like diarrhea, which is a primary cause of death among Ghanaian children under five years old.

Empowered Communities. And you!

Your support is urgently needed to bring clean water to communities in northern ghana.
Join the incredible people who have given today, so someone in Ghana can have clean water for the next decade.

Every $10,000 will provide one village clean water. Together, we can help all 300,000 people in Northern Ghana who are dreaming of the day when their children can drink clean water.
Fundraise for a family
Rally your friends and family to raise $400 and you will bring clean water to one family in need.

Give well. But not wells.

At any given time, 1/3 of water points are broken in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our partner Saha Global has developed a cost-effective, sustainable solution to bring clean water to communities where wells simply won't work.

Here's how innovation is providing sustainable clean water in Northern Ghana.

A new water entrepreneur working to distribute clean water.
Groundwater is scarce in the arid region, so drilling wells is not feasible. Thankfully, our local partner, Saha Global, devised an affordable way to treat water, making it safe to drink.
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Clean water is scarce for 800,000 people in Ghana’s Northern Region.

Since groundwater is often inaccessible in this region, the only sources of water for most rural villages are stagnant ponds, contaminated by feces, called “dugouts,” where rainwater runoff accumulates.

Our local partner in Ghana is Saha Global, an organization founded by Kate Cincotta, an MIT grad. She developed an appropriate and effective water treatment system that is easy-to-use, affordable and makes water safe to drink. 

How Water Is Treated:

When water is collected from a dugout, it is treated with aluminum sulfate, which causes sediments to settle out of the water. The water is then disinfected with chlorine.

Water Treatment Centers:

With your help, locally available materials are sourced to build a water treatment center, including a 1,000-liter Polytank, a metal Polytank stand, 3 blue 200-liter drums, chlorine, and aluminum sulfate.

Women entrepreneur with clean water
3 women from each community are hired and trained to become Water Entrepreneurs to run the business. Each business gives approximately 200 people clean water.
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Saha Global trains women to run their own clean water center.

With each center, three women are hired.

Working together, they collect and treat the water, then sell it to their neighbors at an affordable price (3 cents per 20 liters).

Approximately 0.7 cents is used to cover the cost of treating the water. All of the revenue stays in the community and is managed by the entrepreneurs.

This extra income makes all the difference. They send children to school, buy extra food and invest in their livelihoods.

Ten year promise badge
Giving clean water is the easy part, keeping water flowing is what matters most. Local Customer Care teams ensure entrepreneurs are supported for the next decade.
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Providing support for the long-term.

Research has found nearly 1/3 of all water projects installed in the last 20 years in Sub-Saharan Africa are now broken; most break within the first 1-2 years.

Keeping water flowing is what matters most!

Therefore, Saha Global employs Customer Care teams.

They visit every community, monitoring the water businesses, providing entrepreneurs with support, and routinely testing the water to ensure it's e-coli free (i.e. safe to drink).

Every water project is monitored for ten years.

This means if you give this year, you should expect your donations to last for at least a decade.


Uplift an entire community.

Every $10,000 is enough to help an entire community get clean water.

We will match you to a specific community and provide you with annual updates for the next ten years. (Yes, ten years!).

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TAP's Ten Year Promise:

Sustainability and transformation are what matter most to us. It's not enough to take a picture after a water source is installed and then walk away. It's important that the community is transformed for the long-term.

On average, it costs $10,000 to bring water to one community; $3,300 to hire one woman (3 women working per village).  

If you give or fundraise $10,000 or more, we will match you to a specific community and email you an impact report every year, for ten years.

Know that your generosity was not a drop in the bucket, but created lasting change for years to come.

Please reach out if you would like to pick a specific community. The list of 100 communities is here.

For questions, please call: 650) 303 1899 or reach out to Michael.Pelehach@TheAdventureProject.org

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Clean water for:


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Dipale Adaayili

Dipale Adaayili


Clean water for:


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Nfante Kope

Nfante Kope


Clean water for:


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Clean water for:

261 people (57 families)

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