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We're A Charity Dedicated to Doing Things Differently.

Handouts help today— but a good job will change your life. A job gives people a way to support themselves and their families for the long term. 

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We Do Tough Stuff

We launched The Adventure Project because we grew tired of seeing so many charities building a community project and then walking away. It's easy to drill a well. It's harder to build systems, checks-and-balances and financial mechanisms to keep a well working. We don't shy away from details and hard things. The tough stuff is what matters most.

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Think Global. Work Local.

We partner with local organizations who are experts in the field. We come alongside to help with technology, marketing support and (most-importantly) funding so they can scale to create more jobs throughout Africa. It's more sustainable this way. And just the right way to do it.

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We are data-driven and focus on the most-effective ways to lift people out of poverty while serving communities - for good. This means we do a lot of surveys. We go back. We listen. We ensure our work is working.

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Jobs make a big impact
all over the globe.

The Adventure Project is building community through entrepreneurship, sponsoring jobs in developing countries to improve child survival, reduce conflict, and move people out of poverty for good.