How much do you know about issues affecting women in developing countries right now?

Test your knowledge; help one woman!

When you take this (very quick) 5-question quiz, an anonymous donor donates $2.40 on your behalf — enough to help one woman in a developing country gain access to life-saving services.

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Three female entrepreneurs in Kenya.

The Right Solutions

It's not about throwing a lot of money at problems. It's about targeting the right solutions that uplift others for good.

For the Right Reasons

It's about creating jobs that are essential. Protecting our planet. And saving children's lives by preventing emergencies in the first place.

Amplifies Your Generosity

By empowering people locally and using technology to track impact, your generosity doubles.

"The Adventure Project is building community through entrepreneurship, sponsoring jobs in developing countries to improve child survival, reduce conflict, and move people out of poverty for good."