Open Internships: 2

We are currently offering two paid internship opportunities. Each are for 8-10 hours per week. Please click below to learn more and apply.

Open Careers: 0

We do not have any job openings available right now. But please add your email if you wish to be alerted to future opportunities. We would love to stay in touch with you!

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Now is a defining moment for our world.

It can also be a defining moment for you.

We are at an exciting inflection point as we move from a small grassroots movement to an organization reaching millions of people with lifesaving opportunities.

We want to see our world— and all the people in it— flourish. You are invited into a vision that is about activating a people-driven movement to serve our neighbors.


Now is our opportunity to work for the greater good and push for the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime.

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Our Culture

We need talented, entrepreneurial-minded people who are not afraid to jump right in.

Our culture is kind, collaborative, and intentional. We're female-founded, value experience, and seek diversity.

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Our Benefits

We create good jobs around the world, so we believe you should have a good job, too.

Benefit packages adjust based on full vs part-time employment.

For those working 30+ hours per week, benefits Include:
- Full health care, dental, and vision coverage
- 401K
- Flexible work hours and vacation time
- Paid maternity and paternity leave

Flex-time and remote options for everyone: Flex-time could mean working some hours outside the traditional 9-5, or it can be a reduction of hours for an adjusted salary.

Pay scale

Below is our annual and hourly pay for each job level.

  • Those working 30-40 hours per week receive full benefits, including medical, dental and vision for you and your family.
  • Those working less than 30 hours receive partial benefits, but a 30% increase in pay for you to cover your own health needs.
Hourly with full benefits: $58. Hourly with partial benefits: $72.
Hourly with full benefits: $48. Hourly with partial benefits: $62
Hourly with full benefits: $38. Hourly with partial benefits: $50
Hourly with full benefits: $29. Hourly with partial benefits: $38
Hourly with full benefits: $24. Hourly with partial benefits: $31

Pay of current staff

Transparency matters.

Here's what we're making in 2023
Becky Straw, Co-Founder and CEO
Executive Level responsibilities, but chooses pay at Manager Level: Full time
Michael Pelehach, Chief Growth Officer
Executive Level: Full time
What benefits do we offer everyone?

Here are benefits we provide everyone, whether you work 10 hours a week, or 40:

Flexible Schedules

  • We know life doesn’t always work around 9-5. So, we offer parent-friendly hours and opportunities to structure days that best suit you. Maybe you want Fridays off, or you need to start your day early so you can pick up your kids by 3 pm. Everyone on our team has a unique schedule, but that’s what makes us effective. We take a collaborative approach to scheduling meetings so that you can ensure work works around your life and not a life around work. We focus on efficiency, not empty hours, while respectively requesting half your time be during traditional office hours. 

Remote Work Environment

  • Work anywhere with Internet. This allows us to be more inclusive and find candidates that embody our core values and bring expertise to the table.
  • $400 home office stipend to ensure you’re set up for success. 

Social Justice + Civic Engagement 

  • We know that the work for inclusion and equality doesn’t end with the work we do in the field. So, we allow all employees to request up to one (1) paid day off a year to participate in civic activities (a town hall, march, volunteer day, etc). We support your efforts to stand behind issues that are important to you. 

14-week Family Leave

  • All new parents, including foster and adoptive parents, receive 14-week paid leave, with options for a phased return to work and dispersed scheduling of those 14 weeks. We know a new family member means an adjustment for all, and we want to support you. We put you in control over what you need for this adjustment. 

Family Leave 

  • We want to ensure that you have options for taking care of ailing or sick family members. We don’t have a set policy of time because each situation is different. But we will work with you to ensure something makes sense for our team and your stressful situation.

What are the specific benefits for those working 10-29 hours per week?

You're still an important member of our team:

  • Your hourly pay is increased by 30%. Why? Most benefits packages amount to an additional 30% of an employee's pay. Since we aren’t allowed to provide health benefits to people working less than 30 hours per week, we’re adding 30% to your hourly rate.  For example, if you were a full-time, 40+ hour salaried employee at the manager level, you would be paid $80,000 annually ($38 per hour). But if you are working less than 30 hours per week, you will be paid $50 per hour (30% more). 
  • 13 Paid Holidays a Year
  • Taking time off is critical to self-care and preventing burn-out. For our part-time and contract team members, we offer 5 days of paid vacation their first and second year; 10 days their third year and beyond. And we strive to respect your time off, meaning you can turn off your cell and laptop and focus on what matters to you and your health.

What are the specific benefits for those working 30-40 hours per week?

Our full-time employees working at least 30 hours a week receive these additional benefits: 

  • Full medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family. We pay 100% of employee premiums for the mid-tier plan, but you have the option of three other plans where you just pay the difference. The policy is here.
  • 401K. We want to invest in your future. We offer 401k investment options after your first work anniversary. 
  • Home Office. To support your home office, we will provide you with a Mac laptop. 
  • Vacation and 13 Paid Holidays a Year. Taking time off is critical to self-care and preventing burn-out. We offer a tiered approach to vacation time, in which all employees receive 10 days of vacation their first year; 15 days their second and third year; and 20 days their fourth year and beyond. And we strive to respect your time off, meaning you can turn off your cell and laptop and focus on what matters to you and your health. 
  • Mental Wellness Time. With our focus on health, we know mental wellbeing is a core component of that. Our health insurance options include mental wellness coverage and with our flexible office structure, we encourage members to feel comfortable taking time to care for their mental wellbeing. 
  • Travel To The Field and “Adventure” Time. The work we do matters, and being fulfilled in your work matters, too. On your fifth anniversary, you are gifted with a month of “adventure.” Join us for an all-expenses covered week in the field to see the work firsthand. You also get 3 additional weeks of paid sabbatical leave, where you can embark on an adventure of your choosing (to be taken all together, or split up, if you wish). 

Please note we have a 90-day probationary period for new teammates. After 90 days, all of these benefits kick in.

Why are we offering different tiers of pay and hours?

Two reasons. 

  1. Talent. There are insanely talented people out there who have reevaluated their priorities. Working 80 hours a week is no longer feasible (or fun). Maybe you have a situation where you need more flexibility, but you still want to tap into meaningful work and share your talents. 
  2. It meets our budget where we are now. Our work has expanded in scope and scale, but not to the place where we can hire an entire executive team. By taking a tiered approach to hiring, we’re able to bring on top talent while being budget-friendly. 

What if there is a job listed at a level I don't want to join at?

For example, if we posted for a Director, but you are currently an Executive with a lot more to offer. 

Apply anyway and let us know. We know that each person and position is unique. We're searching for the best people, so please apply.

What if a job is posted for less or more hours than you would like?

Apply anyway and let us know. We are a growing organization and that job may be on the roadmap for growth! 

What if you have a resume gap?

Maybe you have had a hard time finding a new job because of the pandemic, or you took a break to start or raise a family (which is not a break, btw). Apply anyway and let us know. Tesi has five kids and Jody has six, so there’s not much that surprises us anymore. PS: You should just add “parenthood” to your resume because it’s the hardest job in the world.

Are there opportunities for growth?

Yes. We hope you grow in terms of job level and pay scale. We chart individual growth plans for every person based on your goals and our objectives.

Does working at a charity mean you’re slow and using tech from the ’90s?

No. We believe the more efficient we work, the more effective we are at lifting people out of poverty. We love good software and project management tools. We strive to operate like an effective business. We use data to drive decisions, KPIs, and we track the ROI of virtually everything. You won’t be asked to attend pointless meetings or stuff envelopes (except for Jody because she handwrites thank you notes to every new supporter).

How do you work remotely as a team?

We do two, all-team zoom meetings per week (Monday check-ins and Thursday reviews) and then we use Slack for other communications. We use for project management.

What if I want to apply, but I already know I’m going to need more support?

For example, you want to apply to be a Development Director, but you know you will need administrative support to schedule meetings and track records in our CRM. You're used to a big team with a lot of support staff. We totally understand and you should apply anyway. Let your needs be known, and we can talk about how we can get there together. All of us constantly strive to not do work below our pay level. We hire people who understand how to outsource and delegate effectively.

How are you actively working towards diversity and inclusion?

We are committed to creating opportunities for BIPOC candidates, veterans and those re-entering the workforce. That includes being intentional in our actions and hiring processes.

For starters, we are posting all positions on the 15 Percent Pledge, Black Career Network,, and the Department of Labor for candidates who are veterans or re-entering the workforce. If you know of other places we should be actively recruiting from, please let us know! We know this is a work in progress and are learning each day.

Our goal is to be the most welcoming and equitable place to work.

Is your workplace culture like a family?

No. We're a team. And there's a difference. We work together, brainstorm, and care about each other. But your family is your family.

Balancing career and family is always a struggle, but you should know we are here to support you. You shouldn't feel guilty running your sick kid to the doctor, taking a break for a Peloton class, or coaching your kid's soccer game. That's why we started implementing flex hours. No one wants to look back on life and say, "I sent a lot of emails."

If we're doing a good job hiring the right people, there should be no need for weekend work or late-night phone calls (unless you like to work weekends).

Working here means your work will have meaning, and hopefully, so will your life.

What is your interview process like?

What happens after you apply? While we are looking for the right candidates, we are aiming for this process to take no more than 2-3 months. This is what our standard process looks like: 

  1. You apply for the job you’re excited about! 
  2. We evaluate every application. As applications come in, we have a hiring matrix to reduce any biases and try to evenly evaluate each candidate. We strive for a diverse and inclusive work environment and are intentional about creating opportunities for BIPOC candidates, veterans and those re-entering the workforce. 
  3. Once, we have a nice selection of 10-20 top candidates that all team members feel excited about, we email top candidates for a 15 minute phone interview. Candidates that have not been selected will be notified at this time. 
  4. We update our hiring matrix with the responses from the first round interviews. We select candidates who are qualified to move to the next round. All other candidates will be notified at this stage. 
  5. We schedule 30 min interviews with second-round candidates, Becky, and a board member. 
  6. We update our hiring matrix with the responses from the second round interviews. This narrows the applicant pool to the top 2-3 candidates. 
  7. We assign “homework.” Homework is something that should take you 1-2 hours and shows us your skills at the given position. It’s nothing we re-use (for example, we would never ask a designer to create a design, and then we post it to our Instagram...that would be rude). 
  8. We schedule any follow-up calls and questions. At this point, we are expecting to issue a formal job offer to the top candidate. 

We always email candidates who don’t make it to the next stage in the process, so you should never feel ghosted (because that’s the worst!). But also keep in mind that we are a team of five people. Grace and space is appreciated. If it feels like we're moving slowly, it's because we are doing our due diligence.

Do you have a question we didn't answer?

Email or write us in the chatbox.