Ending extreme poverty starts by supporting what's essential.

Join hundreds of people just like you who want to build a world our grandkids will be proud of. We're a movement that knows when skills stay local, communities thrive.

Urgent needs require entrepreneurial solutions

1 in 10 people struggle to live on less than $2 a day; COVID-19 has made it worse.

Unlike traditional charities, we're working to put people to work because it's the best way to give. From health care workers to water well mechanics, your gifts go further by supporting “ventures” that “add” positive impact to the world.

Learn More About Why Jobs Matter
Mom with Baby in Uganda
Learning how to build a stove.Well mechanics fixing a well.
Woman smiling while working on a stove.
Community celebrating after fixing a well in Uganda.Two smiling women watering crops with hoses.
Living Goods Community Healthcare worker smiling at a baby sitting on her lap. Business woman smiling while holding a stove.
Community healthcare worker standing with girl in school uniform. Community healthcare worker leaning to her left and smiling.
Living Goods community healthcare worker smiling while hugging two smiling children.Girl in school uniform smiling while holding a book.
How Your Gifts Go Further

You Can Give a Hand-up, Not a Hand-out

Your support provides parents with the tools and skills to become profitable entrepreneurs. They learn a specialized trade and receive the mentorship and education to thrive. Once working, they earn an income and wake up each day filled with purpose and pride.

No endless aid or dependency, here.

You Can Help Entire Communities Thrive

Your support creates jobs to solve social problems in the community. Jobs like Well Mechanics to keep water flowing, and Community Health Workers to provide life-saving health care. Your support boosts the economy while serving those in need.

Two birds, one stone.

You Can Break the Cycle of Poverty

As parents move out of extreme poverty they can finally afford to send their kids to school, buy more nutritious food, and support their family for the long term. For the first time, parents can focus on the future.

Imagine how wonderful that must feel?