COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

The Adventure Project has launched an emergency relief fund to respond to the spread of COVID-19 within some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

How You Can Help:

For more than nine-years, you have generously given to create nearly 2,000 transformative jobs. Thanks to you, these people are on the frontlines in Africa, working as water well mechanics and Community Health Workers. These are the very people who can help prevent the spread of this disease.

Our partners in Africa are asking us for urgent supplies of soap and public health messaging. This means a slight pivot in our model, but given the unprecedented nature of this pandemic, we need bold, proactive action.

We hope you will join us in reaching 250,000 people with water filtration, hand-washing education in schools and community health workers on the frontline of this global crisis.

We cannot sit back and wait to see what happens when this pandemic spreads. We know it will have devastating consequences for those most in need.

We urgently need funding and support for our scaled-up response and we hope you join us today.

How your generosity will help:

We are ramping up our work to focus on regions with limited water and weak health systems. By getting critical services, like clean water, in place and training more Community Health Workers, we can mitigate the risks for the world’s most vulnerable. 

Currently, we have set our appeal at reaching 250,000 people in four countries (Kenya, Uganda, Togo and Ghana). 

We are focusing on regions currently with limited clean water and health services.

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Here are some specifics of what we need to accomplish:

Deploying Hand Washing Education & Filtration Services

Health experts say one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to frequently wash your hands. But you can’t instruct people to wash their hands if they don’t have clean water. 

We are escalating our efforts to prevent the spread of this disease while solving water issues for the long-term. 

With your help, we want to assist our programs with the following:
  • Hand washing promotion
  • Soap distribution (in Malawi, 90% of the population does not own a bar of soap)
  • Hygiene messaging

Mobilizing Community Health Workers

The Adventure Project has been funding Community Health Workers in some of the very countries that stand to be immediately affected by this. These frontline healthcare workers are often the only resource in their community; communities that experience high levels of illnesses that leave the bearer immunocompromised. Individuals with compromised immune systems have higher mortality rates from COVID. In countries like Kenya and Uganda where tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, and pneumonia are already leading killers, stopping the spread is critical.  

If the virus takes hold, we fear that the health care systems in these countries won’t have the capacity to care for severely ill COVID patients. 

We urgently need funding and support for our scaled-up response and we hope you join us today.

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