You can help. Fight famine by helping farmers.

Can you join us in donating to help feed people in Kenya?

Every $500 raised will help one family in Kenya become profitable farmers, feeding at least 50 people in their communities.

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The water problem in Ghana
An Urgent Issue:

"An 'explosion of child deaths' is imminent if world does not act immediately."


Malnutrition has soared as more than 4 million Kenyans are starving - about half of them are children.

The War in ukraine

23.5 million tons of food – enough to feed 400 million people – is stuck behind Russia's blockade of Ukrainian ports

In 2020, Ukraine was the top supplier to the United Nations’ World Food Programme – the world's largest humanitarian organization.


The Horn of Africa is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years.

This is devastating for the 95% of farmers who rely on seasonal rainfall, which has become increasingly unreliable due to climate change.


The crisis in Ukraine is driving food prices up across East Africa, which relies heavily on wheat imports from Ukraine and Russia.

As a result, there is an urgent need to accelerate local food production in Kenya.

Hannah, a farmer in Kenya on her farm.
Helping local farmers is the solution.

How your generosity helps farmers grow.

Every $500 will help one farmer in Kenya gain access to irrigation and training.

With your help, they will be able to:

  • Increase their crop yield 400% in one harvest –enough to feed their family and 50 people in the community.
  • Hire a neighbor to help with the harvest – creating more jobs!
  • Increase their earnings from $150 to $850 per year, moving their family out of poverty and into the middle class.

You can help feed families. And make it last.

Here's how helping farmers grow more food feeds families for the long-term.

A new water entrepreneur working to distribute clean water.
The best way to feed people is to help local farmers grow more food. With your help, the average farming family feeds 50 people.
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One of the best ways we can assist the hunger crisis is to immediately help farmers access the water they need to irrigate their crops. 

We know it sounds silly. Irrigation, during a drought?!

But yes, irrigation is essential! 

20% of all farmers in Kenya have a "dugout" (essentially a huge hole that fills with groundwater). But they need a way to get that water to their crops! 

Enter: the KickStart Irrigation Pump.

Benefits of a Starter Irrigation Pump:

  • A plot of a quarter of an acre can be watered in two and a half hours. This is significantly easier and faster than “bucket farming” (when farmers use a bucket to collect water from a shallow well and use it to pour on their crops). 

Female farmer celebrating her crop yield.
With irrigation, farmer's crop yield grows 400% in one harvest. Suddenly, they are growing enough to sell, plus hiring a neighbor to help on the farm!
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With irrigation, farmers can plant and harvest multiple cycles of high-value crops throughout the year—independent of the rains. If you have ever farmed or grown a garden, you know you can't rely on rain to be successful.

Not only are they able to grow and sell when they previously couldn’t, but farmers also sell their crops at a higher price during the “dry” season when crops are scarce. This results in improved food and income sustainability throughout the year.

This extra income makes all the difference. They send children to school, buy extra food and invest in their livelihoods.

A worker collecting survey data from a farmer on his phone in Kenya.
Your generosity isn't a drop in the bucket. You will help a farmer move from earning an average of $120 to $850 each year! 
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Your support is creating a sustainable job for a farmer in Kenya.

Is this income increase significant?

Here's one way to think about it:

Imagine raising a family in the U.S. on only $15,000 per year. Trying to budget for food, housing and necessities would be nearly impossible.

Now, imagine moving from $12,000 to $85,000 in one year. Suddenly, you have choices. You have breathing room.  

It's why with every family we meet who just got an irrigation pump is smiling from ear to ear.

Your donation today, changes a family's life forever.

Get Involved. Join us this July!

Our goal is to help 200 farmers in Kenya by the end of July. With your help, they can feed 10,000 people in need.

Here are two ways you can help:


Make a tax deductible donation to help. Every $10 is enough to feed one person. $50 helps an entire family.


Rally your community to help. Set a goal of raising $500 and you will help one farming family – feeding 50 people!

The water problem in Ghana
Put the "Fun" in Fundraising! Here's what we're doing:

Spend Your Summer Fridays Helping Farmers.

For the next five Friday's in July, our community will be highlighting heroic farmers making a difference.

Join us in sharing their stories with friends and rallying your community to take action.

You've got this. Helping is easy, and we're here to help!

*Fact: the average fundraiser who shares their page with friends online (such as posting on Facebook) raises $500. So don't be afraid to start. Your friends want to help! 

Each Friday in July, jump online and motivate ten friends to each give $10. Together, you'll raise $500 to help a farming family.

Get your kids involved.

Sell lemonade, do some chores, or get creative.

Summer Fridays at the office!

Ask your teammates to give their lunch money to feed others.

Your support is urgently needed to HELP FARMERS GROW MORE FOOD TO FIGHT FAMINE IN KENYA. join us.
Hannah with her irrigation pump

Grow Hope.