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Fuel Charlot's Dream of Opening A Second Stove Factory in Kenya.

With your help, she can hire 350 people next year. Together, they hope to provide life-saving stoves to 100,000 families in need.

Our Holiday Goals


Kickstart our Women's Fund

Our first goal was to raise $200,000 to provide initial support to our first four women leaders in Kenya, Malawi, Togo and Uganda.


Thanks to the generousity of people, we met our goal, raising $200,000!

Fuel Charlot's Stove Factory

Join us in supporting the first project in our Women's Fund. Help Charlot open her second stove production factory in Kenya.

GOAL: $200,000!

has been raised so far!
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Why your donations are needed now, more than ever.

It's not 50/50

Women make up 50% of the population, but comprise the majority of the poor.

1 in 20

In 2020, 1 in 20 women globally lost their job. The pandemic has hit everyone hard, but it's hit women in developing countries the hardest.

Less than 2%

A recent report revealed only 1.9% of all charitable giving goes to organizations supporting women and girls.
Illustration of woman balancing shapes on her fingertips, while balancing on ball.

From collecting firewood and fetching water to accessing healthcare, women are forced to hope for the best while being given the least.


It’s time we reimagine who and how we lift people out of poverty.

It starts by giving women leaders who run transformative organizations in Africa the tools, funding and mentorship to end extreme poverty and help save our planet.

When women lead, everyone wins.

Lifesaving work,
led by women

Our Women's Fund employs the same laser focus we've had for ten years. We care about maximizing donations to ensure you are supporting cost-effective solutions that save lives while creating jobs. We’ve always supported women leaders, the only difference now is the local organizations you support through our Women’s Fund will be 100% led by women, with many comprised of female-led teams.

Let's mobilize, give and impact, together.

Imagine if hundreds of individuals, foundations and companies came together to uplift women.

Our goal is to mobilize a movement to channel $100 million dollars by 2030 to women-led nonprofits working to uplift women and children in developing countries.

With this level of support, we anticipate our collective impact will create over 80,000 new jobs for people currently living in poverty. These new jobs are estimated to provide lifesaving, essential services to 30 million people in Africa.

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Kickstart our Women's Fund


Your gift will be matched thanks to the generosity of a few key supporters.

The Adventure Project is building community through entrepreneurship, sponsoring jobs in developing countries to improve child survival, reduce conflict, and move people out of poverty for good.