Giving Strategies: Why donating monthly is so impactful. 

Four reasons why I would like to invite you to become a member of our monthly giving community called, The Collective.

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May 23, 2022
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Four reasons why I would like to invite you to become a member of our monthly giving community called, The Collective.

Four reasons why I would like to invite you to become a member of our monthly giving community called, The Collective.

1. You care about giving well. 

Photos and stories of children in need tug at your heart. But, you also want your donations to go to the right places, to do the most good. 

We feel that, too. 

No parent should watch their baby die of hunger. Especially because solutions exist and they are affordable. But how do you get these solutions to communities? It starts by creating jobs locally.

Hand-outs help, but creating jobs builds thriving communities. So we decided to start a charity like no other. One that "adds" impact by supporting "ventures" that solve social problems (see what we did there?). 

Each month, your donation goes to a different, high-impact, local organization in Africa. Each is able to create massive change because of you. One month your support could go to Ghana to help women start their own water businesses. The next month, you will help farmers in Kenya grow food to feed their communities. 

Your support is getting to the root cause of poverty and child mortality. You are creating good jobs; so people can learn tangible skills. Because of you, parents wake up with renewed dignity and pride. They are able to send their kids to school and serve their communities. You are solving problems effectively. 

You'll get one email per month. In it you will learn more and feel good about the innovative, entrepreneurial solutions your dollars are deploying. 

The Adventure Project vets, manages, and evaluates our local partners rigorously. We are highly selective. So you can feel good about putting your "Adventure on autopilot" and know that you are creating impact. Plus, you get access to exclusive stories from the field, hearing heartwarming news about how you are helping.  

2. You will be part of a team. 

Our members are called The Collective. They are our most engaged, loyal supporters. As a Collective Member, you're in good company. Our members are smart, passionate and determined to fight for a better world – like you! 

Benefits of joining include:
  • A dedicated team for answering questions via email or phone;
  • Annual statements to make tax time easier;
  • An easy-to-use donor portal. You can log in to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.
  • Monthly emails. Plus, deeper opportunities to connect through virtual Zoom calls with leaders in Africa. 

3. You believe in helping The Adventure Project plan for growth. 

Our Collective Members’ support is the largest source of funding for our organization. Growing our membership is crucial to being able to say, “Yes!” to the influx of requests for help. 

Having sustained, predictable revenue enables us to plan ahead. Research also shows monthly giving saves organizations time and money. Your consistent generosity means we can focus more time building high-impact programs and less time on fundraising. 

As more Collective members join our community, the more we can forecast growth, and the quicker we can deepen our impact where we work. Plus, your support allows us to expand to new countries and regions. We currently work with 8 local partners in six countries. Our current members are on track to help 100,000 people in need this year!  

4. You want to do something tangible to help – and feel great about it! 

Climate change, the pandemic, and rising inflation are hitting people in developing countries the hardest. Urgent action is needed and solutions exist. Together, our collective actions can create massive impact if we all channel our giving towards smart interventions that can lift people out of poverty for good. We can end extreme poverty in our lifetimes if more people joined in giving effectively. 

We would love it if you would consider becoming a member today. 

We currently have 362 members giving an average of $45 per month.
Become one of the first 500 to join us and your giving will be matched this May! 

 Not sure how much to give? Start with $10 per month and you will help 50 people in need this year.

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Becky Straw
Co-Founder, The Adventure Project