Giving Tuesday 2020

When our culture puts pressure on us to spend money on things, Giving Tuesday reminds us our money can do more when we invest in people.

Giving Tuesday began as a global generosity movement. Positioned right after the consumption focused Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday works to shift our focus, and our giving power, back to our communities and the world.

When our culture puts pressure on us to spend money on things, Giving Tuesday reminds us our money can do more when we invest in people.

Investing in people is exactly what we do here at The Adventure Project, which is why for Giving Tuesday this year our goal is to invest in 100 people.

In our 10 years as an organization, we’ve seen how investing in people makes them heroes in their own communities. Because that one person who is given a job because of your support will go on to serve at least 500 members of their own community.

These heroes you have supported have become essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are the ones who continue to bring life-saving medicines and equipment to at-risk communities. They are the ones making sure clean water is readily available and free. They are the ones ensuring people have access to clean cookstoves so women and children aren’t being burdened with sick lungs during a pandemic that affects the respiratory system. These heroes are the ones who, with the help of a simple irrigation pump, harvest enough food to feed their own families and then share the extras with their neighbors.

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People like Grace, a Community Health Worker in Uganda. Soon after Grace went through her CHW training, a desperate mother called for her to come help her very sick child. Grace knew the signs of malaria and treated the child. Once the community saw that the gravely ill child had survived, Grace became the most trusted, most loved mother in the village. She became known as Grace, the kind one. She now cares for over 800 people in her community and has treated over 300 cases of malaria.

Or Saturday, a well caretaker in Kamwenge, Uganda. Saturday said he loved his job because for the first time he had an office job (because of the umbrella). Saturday wanted to become a well mechanic because he said they used to rely on a well chairperson but he would only fix the well after a month of it being broken down. During that time, people would just go to the ponds and collect “very smelly water with algae” which gave stomach aches and diseases. Now his community has constant access to clean water and he is seen as a respected member of society.

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The need this year is bigger than ever before because 2020 will mark the first time in 25 years extreme poverty has increased.

That’s why our goal is to hire 100 heroes in just 24 hours.

You can help ensure heroes around the world have access to help those most vulnerable to extreme poverty today. You can make a donation right now here.

Another option is to join supporters who have started their own fundraising campaigns so they can invite their friends to join them in hiring one hero for the holidays. If you have the capacity to ask that of your friends and family and want to be part of investing in people, sign up here or email us and we will help get you started.

This year we are also participating in Bitcoin Tuesday and are gladly accepting any crypto donations as well. Crypto donations can erase your capital gains taxes and are a preferred way of giving for many of our donors.

In the past two years we’ve been able to utilize crypto donations from organizations like the Pineapple Fund to establish matching grants for our donor base, grow our team, and expand our programs on the ground. Previous crypto donors have enjoyed how seamless the process is and the availability of their donated crypto to go to the highest needed areas! If you have any questions about how the process could work for you, email us here.

If you would like to ease some of your tax burden, donate your cryptocurrency here.

This Giving Tuesday we want our generosity to unlock a world that is rooted in every person having access to a job, access to opportunity and to the dignity that comes with being able to provide for oneself and one’s family. We believe that with enough of us, our generosity can build the kind of world that is equitable no matter where you happened to be born and in which country you live.

Join us.


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