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Dear Pineapple,


We think there are one million reasons why we'd make great partners. But, we assume you're busy running companies and checking your Coinbase, so we'll keep it short and simple.

Here are three reasons why we'd be honored to have your support:



You've already supported 41 incredible organizations committed to measurable impact. You believe in organizations making big bets to change the world. 

We are currently working on four targeted interventions proven to measurably tackle the largest global issues of our time (the Environment, Health, Hunger and Water). 




We're not giving handouts; we're creating jobs in local communities.

Why? Because job creation is the most effective way to create sustainable impact.

We have data to prove it (you can see our results by clicking here).


3) In Good Company

From a humble start around our kitchen tables, thousands of dedicated grassroots supporters have shared our vision and said, "I'm in". They are moms and millennials, students and churches, fearless founders, and even a few famous people

Together, they've given generously to help over 1,200 people go to work today. Those entrepreneurs are now thriving and reducing extreme poverty by providing life-saving services to 1.2 million of their neighbors in Haiti, India, Kenya and Uganda. 

Yet, there is so much more we can do. We have a vision of creating 10,000 jobs in ten countries by 2020 (you can download our plans here).


Dear Pineapple,

We hope this doesn't come across as too aggressive, but while you have been "dole-ing" out support to some incredible organizations, we wanted to ensure we properly toss our hat in the (pineapple) ring. 

We've been so fortunate to be growing organically, thanks to our movement of thousands of dedicated supporters. But we have yet to receive a catalytic, million dollar gift.

Can you be the first?

Thank you for the consideration and for what you've already done to help so many. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: or call: 650.303.1899. 


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Becky Straw

Co-Founder and CEO  |  The Adventure Project



PS: Did you know the best pineapples are in Uganda? It's true: