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Help equip a woman in Uganda with the skills to become a Community Health Promoter.

She will provide maternal care and lifesaving support to children in her community. 

Donations are 100% tax deductible and matched. Give now to double your impact!


If we raise $25,000, One Days Wages will match our donations to $50,000 - enough to train 25 women to care for 20,000 people in need.


Take two minutes to watch how Evelyn saved a baby's life.


Every $25 helps her care for 20 people in need.


Our goal this month is to equip 25 women with the ability to diagnose and treat the majority of preventable illnesses in their communities. They will also earn a living by selling over 60 life-saving products at affordable prices.

Every $2,000 will train one woman to become a healthcare promoter, providing access to life-saving services for over 800 people in her village.  

Your gifts will provide her with:

  • Education and support to become certified to diagnose and treat patients with basic medicines and provide maternal health care.
  • A new uniform and bag to carry her supplies 
  • An Android phone to help her diagnose and follow-up with patients. 

Her new job will also give her an income, enabling her to care for her own family and escape extreme poverty.


Ways you can help.

Every $1,500 we raise will give one farmer the tools and skills they need to build a profitable business. 


seeds for the entire year

Doubles to $500!


tools & fertilizer

Doubles to $168!


one pair of boots 


Doubles to $60!

Moms are magical. Join us now!

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