What Sets Us Apart

We are a charity focused on businesses.

When local economies thrive, children survive and families escape poverty faster. Increased incomes are also proven to reduce conflict.

We channel charity strategically towards jobs that lift people out of poverty while transforming local communities with life-saving services.

We use rigorous data to understand the most effective ways to move people out of poverty – for good.

Pioneers, Venture Forward.

We work with local organizations with remarkable track records. 

Each is creating measurable impact, but needs additional funds to scale and train more people. We fill a critical need, called a "Pioneer Gap". It's a time when an organization is achieving transformative impact, but lacks the funds to scale and serve more people.

We “add venture” capital so they can deepen their impact and expand their work to new villages and countries.

Our Focus:

Our on-the-ground partners recruit local people to become entrepreneurs. Those people learn how to sell products or services to their communities, earning commission from every sale.

How We Work:


1. We vet the partners thoroughly and conduct annual site visits, ensuring our partners are achieving sustainable and measurable impact -- creating jobs that are truly lifting people out of poverty.


2. We invest in the best.  Funds are sent to local partners to provide specialized job training, education and support to people living in poverty, so they can learn how to become profitable entrepreneurs.


3. After individuals are working, we share their stories -- showing you exactly who has been helped and how they have benefited. We follow up and evaluate how effective our donations were at reducing poverty and saving lives. We want our funding to always be creating the highest return for your dollar.

Field Partners:


Why Did We Decide to Focus on the Environment, Health, Hunger and Water?