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1 in 2 children in Malawi are malnourished.


This Labor Day, we're responding.

Join us this September in helping parents in Malawi become profitable farmers, growing food to feed their growing families.

Your donations will be doubled, thanks to the generosity of One Days Wages! 


A farmer and a father: in his own words.

Chipaza was struggling. He dreamed of a better life for his children, yet he couldn't grow enough to feed his family. 

This year, Chipaza's entire life has been transformed thanks to this innovative farming program. 

This Labor Day, 

Be a Friend to a Farmer

Every dollar will be matched, up to $103,671, thanks to One Days Wages. 


Ways you can help.

Every $1,500 we raise will give one farmer the tools and skills they need to build a profitable business. 


seeds for the entire year

Doubles to $500!


tools & fertilizer

Doubles to $168!


one pair of boots

Doubles to $60!



Malawi is currently suffering from one of the worst food crises in its history.

Right now, nearly half of all children in the country are malnourished.

We want to help 100 farmers.

Instead of giving emergency food aid, we are investing in a sustainable solution by piloting the program with 100 parents, training them to become profitable farmers. 

Where funds are going.

The program is implemented by local organization, Yamba Malawi. 

Each farmer will receive:

  • Drought-resistant seeds

  • Fertilizer

  • Hoes and slashers

  • Rubber boots

  • Gloves

Plus, in-depth training:

  • Financial education: How to manage their business

  • Farming education: Crop rotation and pest management

  • Mentorship-matching: Sharing ideas and lessons learned with fellow farmers

  • Supply-chain: Buyers are already lined up and have agreed to buy their produce



Each farmer is predicted to increase their income 10X!

THIS Campaign is made possible thanks to:

Photos: Jon Wallen

Video: Cliff Co: Ashley Gutierrez and Jacob Watson