TAP's Next Adventure


Bringing Your Impact to Life.

We're deploying mobile phones into the field so our partners can track the entrepreneurs' progress in real-time. 

In the first phase this summer, we're working with farmers in Kenya and well mechanics in Uganda. 

Our goal is to empower people to solve poverty in their communities as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Why is this important:

Data is currently collected with paper receipts. It takes significant time to collect it, analyze it and share it.

What we're building:

We are customizing an open-source data collection app called Akvo FLOW to connect our partners and share data transparently. We're calling it "Streamline" because it will remove obstacles and increase speed.




Our partners in the field will receive Android phones which they will use to track the impact of creating a job, replacing tedious paper receipts and surveys.

When they get to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the information they collected is sent directly to a database where it is displayed on an interactive map.





Information can be collected in any language, along with photos and GPS coordinates.

Water for People in Uganda already uses Akvo FLOW (they actually built it!) but now we are able to adapt FLOW for our other partners.

This is the first platform designed to track the impact of entrepreneurs in developing countries.




Akvo is open-sourced, so all data is made public.

You will be able to see photos of the progress and receive updates faster and more efficiently.

Partners will easily see how their programs are working, responding rapidly to their clients’ needs.




What Does This All Mean for You?


Most non-profits only share impact after a project is complete (e.g., when a well is drilled or a school is built). But when an entrepreneur has a job, their impact ripples for years to come. We want to bring that impact to life.

Imagine, discovering the well you helped to support five years ago was still working - and children are thriving. This platform makes long-term data collection possible.



Read our latest progress update on bringing well mechanics into Uganda.