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6 years ago,

we launched with a brave new vision: to move people out of extreme poverty and save lives faster not by giving more handouts - but by creating jobs.

We set off and met incredible people. We focused on impact, while giving with dignity.

Thanks to thousands of incredible people like you, we discovered our hunch was right. Working, Works.

We have now reached over one million people in Haiti, India, Kenya and Uganda with lifesaving services. 

But, this is just the beginning. I want to invite you to join our vision so we can transform our world, because every person on this planet is born with potential. Imagine if everyone was also born with opportunity.

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Becky Straw   |   CEO + Co-Founder of The Adventure Project

Jobs transform everything. 


Also, jobs multiply opportunity, hope, education, peace, and prosperity for everyone. 

When people have good jobs, they invest in their future. They open bank accounts, send their kids to school, and lead healthier lives. 

Aid is always appreciated, but a job has the power to lift people out of poverty forever. 

Stove Masons



Water Caretakers and Well Mechanics

Community Health Promoters

On average, every $1,500 helps train one person to become a profitable entrepreneur - serving at least 500 people in their community with access to clean water, health care, nutritious food and a safer environment.

Now is a defining  moment for our world.



In these first few years, The Adventure Project has had many defining moments. Since our start around our couches and kitchen tables, your earnest support has helped create over 1,000 jobs for people once living in extreme poverty. 

Together, these entrepreneurs now serve 1.2 million people every day. 

But, what if our most significant days are still to come? We are at an exciting inflection point as we move from a small grassroots movement to an organization reaching millions of people with lifesaving opportunities. Our most defining moment is now. 

We want to see our world— and all the people in it— flourish. You are invited into a vision that is about activating a people-driven movement to serve our neighbors. 


Now is our opportunity to work for the greater good, and push for the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime.


A world without extreme poverty is possible.

Between 1990 and 2010, our global poverty rate has been cut in half. Today, for the first time in history, less than 10% of the global population lives in extreme poverty.


With your support, I’ll be able to receive training on how to run my (stove) business well. I’ll increase my income and be able to send my two children to school.
— Jamillah

Vision 2020 is the first phase of our plan to lift a million people out of poverty. 




Our strategy includes a 15-year plan divided into three phases. Vision 2020 launches the first phase that will unfold over the next 3 years, laying the foundation for a long-term movement to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. 

Vision 2020 has three goals: expand our reach, deepen our impact and share our movement with others.


On average, every job created has helped a mom or dad earn enough to send one of their children to school for the first time.

Our Goals


Expand our reach to serve new countries and programs.

Investing in additional local partners in more countries will help us mitigate risk while diversifying our portfolio.


  • Expand our work from four countries to ten countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, the region where over half of the world’s poorest people are concentrated. 

  • Multiply the local partners we support. Provide additional organizations with the capital and tools necessary to implement “add venture models” into their programs to innovate and grow.

  • Make expansion a perpetual mindset of TAP’s vision. 

Total Cost: $5 million


Deepen our impact where we work.

Our local partners have moved mountains to deliver incredible impact. We want to keep that momentum going.


  • Deepen the impact in the Kamwenge District of Western Uganda. Our goal is to help provide 100% of the population with clean and safe water. 
  • Support communities in and around the Kisumu region in Western Kenya by providing health care, fuel- efficient stoves, and increased irrigation - a holistic suite of services and interventions. 
  • Identify and support additional programs in Haiti. 

Total Cost: $5 million


Share our adventure with everyone.

We want to spread the gospel of work and share lessons learned. 

When a business has a competitive advantage, it’s beneficial for them to keep it a secret. When a nonprofit has a solution that can save lives, we believe it’s their obligation to share it. 

Instead of crafting methods to hold tight to our portfolio, we’re thinking about how we can share it as widely as possible. 


  • Create a data-collection toolkit to gather information in real-time and share it easily and quickly - reducing friction while maintaining transparency. 
  • Provide a mechanism to share data on lessons learned, financial models, and business plans - open sourcing our investments for other nonprofits and governments to learn from and replicate. 
  • Build a platform to connect supporters to the entrepreneurs they’re helping in a transformational way.
  • Educate students, businesses, and religious organizations; providing tangible ways to engage.

Total Cost: $5 million


We need you to join our vision. 

Families living in extreme poverty need us to expand our reach, deepen our impact, and share our adventure. 


This movement cannot accomplish long-term impact without thousands of TAP supporters standing up and personally committing to it. We need people willing to venture forward with us as we chart a new course. We need people willing to give boldly and generously so others may prosper. 

It may feel daring and audacious... 

but it will be worth it. 

We need you to rise with us, so we can see the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime. 


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