The Details: 

On March 22nd (Tuesday) we rallied over a thousand people to bring clean water into homes, schools, and health clinics in seven villages in Uganda, by asking them to "Buy A Drink" for someone else. We collectively helped over 1,111 people get clean water - but we don't want to stop here! Over 6,000 people need water in these 7 communities.

Two (easy) ways to help:

1. Share our facebook photo online, asking friends:

Join me in buying a drink for someone in Uganda: #GiveADrink

2. Set a goal of inviting 3 friends to give.

Whether folks can give only $3 - or they can give $40 to bring clean water to one person - it's not how much they give, it's that they became and active part of our movement. 

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Is it true that this is the biggest goal we've ever set?

Yes! 6,000 people need clean water in these villages. To read the full details - we made this two-pager you can download.

Do you know a few folks who might be interested in being insiders as well?

Please share! Here's a sample email to invite them. 

When did the official campaign page launch?

Tuesday March 22nd (World Water Day)! It's going to run for one month: 


As we said earlier, raising $250,000 is our most audacious goal yet. But we'd rather fall short rallying for the urgent needs of others, than play it safe by telling people we can't help them. If thousands of us stand together and each give just one "drink" to someone in need, we will win.  

Thank you for joining us. 

ps: if you have more questions - just message us on our site (see our heads in the bottom right corner?). We're around!