We're out of our "Strong Women Stick Together" Sticker.

After 10K+ free stickers, we ran out of funds to mail out more. Should we receive funding in the future for these gems, you can fill out the form below and we will mail you a free sticker designed by social impact artist, Alex Bowman.

Can't wait? Buy one below for a $4 donation. Thank you and hope you "stick" around (bad pun, sorry!). We would love to get you more involved in uplifting women and outworking extreme poverty.
Illustration of woman balancing shapes on her fingertips, while balancing on ball.
Strong women stick together

Get our Strong Women Sticker

Donate $4 and we will send you a Strong Women Stick Together sticker, designed by illustrator and impact artist, Alex Bowman. Each will fuel our mission and operations. Free shipping on all stickers.