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You can help bring clean water to one family.

Watch how Dufuroza's life has changed because of last year's support


Every $400 can pipe water directly into one family’s home.

Last year, we helped build two large water systems in the Kamwenge and Kyegewa districts of Uganda. Now, we want to continue to serve these deserving families by helping to pipe the water directly into their homes. Imagine the gift of receiving clean water for the first time.


Every $400 raised will help one family in need.




Until last year, the only source of water in the community of Busingye was a dirty swamp and a stream, an hours walk away.



Know that every family is contributing what they can ($29 each) to help pipe the water to their home. 

For families with additional needs, they have been matched with a local bank to provide financing. 

Local caretakers and mechanics have been trained to ensure the water will be flowing for years to come. 

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