A 10 Mile Walk

Senibui did what any mother would do to save her child.

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March 22, 2023
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Senibui did what any mother would do to save her child.

I met Senibui under a tree,

which provided a small relief from Ghana's blistering heat.

She had just finished collecting water from the river, alongside her neighbors.

Three months ago, Senibui's daughter, Faustina, fell ill.

The only health clinic is 15 KM (9 miles) away. Her brother-in-law gave them a ride on his motorbike, over bumpy dirt roads that can wash away in the rainy season.

The nurse at the clinic handed her medicine, but instructed it must to be taken with 1 liter of clean water.

But Senibui doesn't have clean water at home.

Ironically, the health clinic doesn't have clean water either.

So Senibui did what any mom would do.

She woke up early the next morning. Left her kids in the care of relatives (Faustina still feverish, without medicine). And she walked 5 miles in the other direction, to the nearest town with clean water.

There, she bought two pouches of water, totaling 1 liter. And walked 5 miles home.

Now, here’s where I get excited.

Senibui's community is named Kpling.

It's one of the six communities Saha Global identified as a great fit for clean water.

After being there last week, I couldn't agree more.

Every $10,000 we raise will provide clean water to one community. We hope to raise $60K, so we can help Kpling, and five more communities nearby.

Here are communities we hope to help :

         Kpling - 200 people

         Mawido - 150 people

         Bengduli - 120 people

         Abota - 220 people

         Meme Bator - 400 people

         Kpokupe - 100 people

A $50 donation is enough to give one person clean water ($250 helps a family of five).

The great news is multiple people have stepped up to provide matching pledges, totaling $20,000.

If you give this week, it will be matched, up to $20,000!

f you have the capacity, can you please join us in giving Senibui, and her neighbors a future they deserve?

A $50 gift will go twice as far and give two people clean water this week!

Thank you for being an incredible member of our community; a fighter for social justice and a lover of people.

Because no mom should make a 10 mile loop for 1 liter.

I hope you join us!

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Becky Straw
Co-Founder, The Adventure Project